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charles dickens on coffee

Charles Dickens: A Tale of Coffee and Creativity

Discover our Dickensian Dawn coffee, crafted to stir the imagination and invigorate the senses, offering a taste of the creativity and passion that Dickens himself cherished in his daily ritual. Join us at the crossroads of history and flavor, and let every cup be an invitation to inspiration. 

Charles Dickens and Coffee

Charles Dickens's relationship with coffee is a lesser-known aspect of his life...

Charles Dickens's relationship with coffee is a lesser-known aspect of his life, yet it offers a fascinating glimpse into his creative process and the era he lived in. Coffeehouses of Dickens's time were not only places to enjoy a hot beverage but also vibrant social hubs where ideas and news were exchanged freely. These establishments played a significant role in the fabric of London society, influencing public opinion and serving as a meeting ground for thinkers, writers, and artists.

Dickens often frequented London's coffeehouses, drawing inspiration from the eclectic mix of people and conversations that surrounded him. These encounters with the everyday life of Londoners helped shape the characters that populate his novels, from the bustling streets of "Oliver Twist" to the intimate drawing rooms of "Great Expectations." Coffee, in this context, was more than just a drink; it was a vessel for observation and reflection, fueling Dickens's prolific writing sessions and enabling him to capture the essence of London life in his work.

Charles Dickens Coffee
Great Expectations, Joe Gargery's disastrous visit to Pip in London, by F. A. Fraser, 1877.

"I could settle down into a state of equable low spirits, and resign myself to coffee."

Charles Dickens (1992). “David Copperfield”, p.330, Wordsworth Editions

Dickens often mentioned coffee in his correspondence, sometimes humorously lamenting over a poorly brewed cup or, conversely, praising the invigorating effect of a well-made one. In his essay "Night Walks," Dickens describes his nocturnal wanderings through London, often ending his excursions in coffee shops to pen his observations. These moments of solitude and reflection in the presence of a steaming cup of coffee were crucial for Dickens, providing a quiet counterpoint to the hectic pace of his writing career and social obligations.

Our Dickensian Dawn aims to capture the essence of these moments. It is a blend designed for thinkers and dreamers, for those who, like Dickens, find joy and inspiration in the world around them. This coffee is our homage to the quiet hours of the morning, a time for creation and contemplation, when the first light of day whispers the promise of new stories to tell.

Whether you're a longtime aficionado of Dickens's work or new to his timeless narratives, we believe that our Dickensian Dawn blend, part of our Literary Coffee Collection will bring a touch of 19th-century London to your morning routine, inspiring you to face the day with the same energy and passion that Dickens brought to his writing.

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