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Spring Has Sprung (And So Have Allergies!)

Sacramento didn't earn the nickname of "City of Trees" for nothing. In fact Sacramento has the largest tree canopy in the Unites States (and third in the world). But along with the spectacular flora of the Sacramento area also come some downsides. There are many great things about living in Northern California, but seasonal allergies is not one of them.

Yolo County Spring Flowers in Bloom

They say if you live in the Sacramento Valley long enough, you will develop seasonal allergies. Itchy, watery-eyes. Stuffy, runny-nose. Headaches. Brain fog. Real fun stuff. 

I was raised in Yolo County (Davis to be exact) and grew complacent with my clear eyes and non-stuffy nose. Then one year, they magically appeared -- itchy eyes, itchy throat. Just like I'd heard all my life. 

But then I got pregnant and the things that had previously brought me relief, over the counter eye drops, allergy pills and a nasal spray, were now classified as "unknown" in their effects on pregnant women. So rather than taking a chance I decided to cut out my allergy medications (much like I did with any other non-essential medications while pregnant).

So in my quest to find allergy relief without resorting to drug-store remedies, I came across some information saying that local honey may provide some relief. I dug a little deeper and learned that exposure to the tiny amounts of bee pollen in local raw honey may help you build up a tolerance for pollen and in turn reduce the severity of seasonal outdoor allergies.

Sola Bee Sacramento Valley Local Wildflower Raw Honey

Just recently I also learned about bee pollen for allergy relief. Yes, actual bee pollen! Eaten raw, it's supposed to build up a tolerance to seasonal outdoor allergens (much like honey, but in larger doses). Bright and tangy, fresh local bee pollen is available at The Bee Box in East Sacramento (keep it in the fridge or freezer since it's perishable). The Sactown Allergy Tea from The Allspicery also contains bee pollen.

So to celebrate spring (and the Sacramento Valley allergy season), Poppy and Oak has launched our newest seasonal mini box, the Spring Allergy Box!

This mini box features the Sactown Allergy tea from The Allspicery, Sacramento Valley Wildflower Honey from Sola Bee, Wildflower Honey from Pure Honey, and a Deep Breath Shower Steamer from The Good Rub.

While I'm not a doctor (clearly), I've used all of the products in the Spring Allergy Box and find them all valuable in their own right.

The Sactown Allergy Tea includes a blend of ginger, tumeric and bee pollen. The bee pollen in said to help build up an immunity to seasonal outdoor allergies, and I find the warm tea to relax my scratchy throat.

The local honeys are delicious in the tea and are said to provide some allergy relief in the same way that consuming bee pollen does, by building up an immunity to the environmental allergens. I'm not sure if it's true, but the honey tastes delicious and soothes my itchy throat.

Lastly, the Deep Breath Shower Steamer is an effervescent tablet that contains menthol crystals and peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, which provide a much needed relief for a stuffy nose (and are great during cold season too!). 

I hope you enjoy the products in the Spring Allergy Box as much as I have!

* I'm not a doctor (clearly) and none of this should not be construed as medical advice! *


  • Isn’t spring the best though?
    Allergy season sucks!!!
    I want to try this all!!!! Especially the Deep Breath Shower Steamer. I love the sound of that for my colorado allergies
    What an awesome Sacramento Valley Special treat!

  • I love Spring! But it is not ideal with people who suffer from seasonal allergies – thanks for this post. Sacramento is such a beautiful place!

  • I am bookmarking this post because my seasonal allergies are about to hit hard and I LOVE the natural ideas that you shared! Side note: I had no idea that Sacramento had such a large tree canopy! It looks so beautiful!

    Laura Smith
  • I never knew Sacramento Valley was nicknamed the city of trees, but that totally makes sense! Allergies are really bad here in the Ohio Valley too, and these are some AWESOME tips. Thank you for sharing!!
    Sarah Holladay
  • everything is JUST starting to pop here and I am already dreading allergies this season…. hopefully with some of these tips it can be managed better this year


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