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5 Gifts Teachers Would Love to Receive This Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 8th!

I come from a family of teachers and educators, including elementary teachers, special education teachers, librarians and school administrators. My husband is considered the black sheep of the family because he’s in healthcare. So Teacher Appreciation Week and end of school were always popular events in my house.

The value of education and and appreciation for educators was instilled in us from an early age. So while Teacher Appreciation Day may be on Tuesday, May 8th, I hope all the teachers out there know how much they are loved and appreciated all year long.

Think before you speak

Here are a few fun ideas to shower a teacher with love and gratitude for all of their time and hard work they put into educating our little hellions, I mean perfect angels. 

Everyone, especially woefully underpaid teachers, appreciate cold-hard-cash or a gift card. But why not make it a little more personalized and fun by also including one of the suggestions below?

1. Teacher of Wildlings. We all know children can be wildlings (hello! mom of two toddler boys here!). This Teacher of Wildings wine glass from Brittany Garner Designs (paired with a bottle of Educated Guess wine, available at places like Total Wine and Cost Plus) would be a fun treat while acknowledging your own little wildling. The Teacher of Wildlings coffee mug paired with a coffee gift card or pound of good quality coffee is a great gift (especially for those who don't want to give alcohol), because Lord knows teachers need their coffee just like the rest of us!

Brittany Garner Designs, Teacher of Wildlings Coffee Mug

2. The Write Stuff. This notebook from Shop Compliment sends a great message while serving as a functional tool. From lesson planning, to dreaming big dreams, a physical notebook is perfect for anyone who likes to write. Founded by a former classroom teacher, Shop Compliment makes feel-good gifts with sweet messages of hope and encouragement that can be personalized. Bonus: 5% of every sale goes towards the Compliment Scholarship Program!

Shop Compliment Notebook

3. Get Personal. Something personalized, such as a vase or bulletin board, shows that you really took the time and energy to think about a teacher appreciation gift. Plus who doesn't love something personalized! I still want to get a personalized name plate for my bike.

And every single teacher I've talked to said they most appreciate anything handmade/homemade by a student, including a heartfelt thank you card! Geez, teachers are such nice people...it's like they actually like the little wildlings they teach ;-)

4. Food. Teachers, like nurses, tend to enjoy food gifts. And while some people won't eat anything homemade, other good options include a gift card to a nice dinner out or a healthy snack pack (Kind bars, a Hydroflask, etc) for those long hours spent in the classroom when it's hard to pop out for a lunch break. Another fun option is the "Thanks-a-Lot" Girl Scout cookies (because who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies!?)


5. Box It Up. Treat your child's teacher to a mini spa day with a mini box from Poppy and Oak. From the Bestie Box to the Spa Retreat to the Gratitude Box, there's a perfect Poppy and Oak Box (we also love doing custom orders). Bonus: the wooden crate is a great inbox or to hold office supplies on their desk.

Poppy and Oak Mini Box, Bestie Box

And when in doubt, gift cards, cash, and classroom supplies (Sharpies, white board pens, cleaning supplies, etc) are always appreciated!

What are you planning on gifting your child's teacher this Teacher Appreciation Week? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I only link to companies and products that I use and love. 


  • Great ideas, and thank you for the reminder of the date!

    Hannah Kim
  • My sister is a teacher and I never thought of giving her something for teacher appreciation day but I love your suggestions; they’ve inspired me to step up my sister game. Thank you!

    Jennifer Calderon
  • Fantastic ideas for teacher appreciation gifts! Our daughter has the best teacher this year and I really want to give her something unique and fun at the end of the year. I love the gift box idea!

    Lynn Marie
  • I love these ideas for teacher appreciation gifts! My sister is a teacher so i regularly see How important it is to care for them when you can!

  • These are such great ideas for teacher appreciation gifts! My sister is a teacher so i see how vital it is to care for your students’ teachers whenever you can!


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