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July Farmstand U-Pick in Northern California

My two boys love almost nothing more than running around outside and getting dirty. So as you can probably imagine, they are big fans of any opportunity to explore the local farms here in Northern California.

We are fortunate enough here in the Sacramento and Capay Valleys to be surrounded by some of the world's best agriculture. Farms and the farmers who love their land are plentiful here. As are u-pick options. 

Fresh picked berries and cherries

U-pick experiences are great not only to burn off some energy and get outside, but also to teach our children about where their food comes from. While we have a small backyard fruits and vegetable garden, it's still important to expose our children to the larger farms and the careers in agriculture and food production. 

It's now July and while the U-Pick strawberries are mostly done for the season, there are still plenty of local u-pick options, including flowers, peaches, and some berries.

Northern California U-Pick Farmstands to Visit this Summer

Cloverleaf/Collins Community Farmstand
The Cloverleaf Farm is located at 9055 Olmo Lane, Davis (exit Kidwell Road)
This Saturday July 7 8am-12pm they are offering u-pick peaches and blackberries. Bring cash and picking boxes (shallow boxes are perfect for ripe peaches).
Bonus: Collins Community Farmstand has free zinnia u-pick every weekend from 9am-3pm at 8946 Olmo Lane, Davis

Metzger's Zinnia Patch offers 2 acres of free u-pick zinnias throughout the summer. Owner Mark Metzger plants zinnias for the public to pick for free, he just asks that for every bouquet you pick for yourself, pick one for someone who is unable to pick their own.
Located at 12410 Co Rd 99W (about two miles north of Yolo on the frontage road parallel to Interstate 5)

Zamora Flora is offering u-pick flowers every Sunday until the end of September. Prices are based on the size of the container and range from $7 (for a pint) to $45 (for a 5-gallon bucket).
Located at 5262 Putah Creek Road, Winters CA 95694

Morgan's of California still some blueberries left. But don't fret, apples should be ready come August, followed by pomegranates and then citrus in the winter.
Located at 3984 Canal Lane, Winters

And Pacific Star Gardens may have some marionberries left this weekend! Located at 20872 County Road 99, Woodland

Fresh flowers from Capay Valley Full Belly Farm

Black Eyed Susan flowers from Full Belly Farm

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