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Poppy and Oak, Meghan Russell at the Davis Farmers Market

Hi! My name is Meghan. I love all things Northern California. I grew up in Davis, a small town home to the UC Davis Aggies (U-C Davis, *clap clap clap clap clap*) and self-proclaimed “Bicycle Capital of America” (there are reportedly 2.1 bicycles for every person in Davis and our family definitely fits this statistic).

My skeleton in the closet? I like to think of myself as a Northern California native, but I was born in Orange County and moved to Davis when I was two years old.

I love craft coffee (flat white please!), books (especially vintage cookbooks), and the Oxford comma. I wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was growing up, but after one spring break in college spent surveying in Nevada, I decided to go to law school instead. 

I've always loved sending my friends and family care packages. And I've always loved supporting local farmers, makers and artisans. So creating a gifting company that sources 100% of the products from Northern California was a natural extension.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart (and the maker of all our wooden crates) and we have two sweet and rambunctious toddlers. Oh and lest we forget our naughty beagle/Boston Terrier mix we adopted from the SPCA.

Why the name Poppy and  Oak?

Poppies and oaks. Two florae that are endemic to Northern California and icons of this region. Like the Sacramento Tower Bridge, the UC Davis water tower, or a little farther to the west, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, poppies and oaks are easily recognizable and signatures of the Northern California landscape.  

We all know that some amazing products and companies (hello Apple, Tesla, Pixar, Facebook!) call Northern California home. Here at Poppy and Oak our goal is to show you some of the lesser known products and companies.  

All of our products, including the keepsake crates that our gifts arrive in, are sourced from right here in Northern California.  The majority of our products are from Sacramento and Yolo Counties!  There are a few special products that come from the foothills and the Bay Area.

Poppy and Oak, Northern California Gift Boxes Featuring Goods from Makers and Farmers

Our Values

Community is of vital importance to us here at Poppy and Oak.  From the weekly farmers markets, to the local pop-up shops, we strive to support our local community of farmers and makers. We obviously do that by showcasing the lovely products the farms and makers have to offer in our gift boxes.

But do you know what else is important to us?  Using our blessings to lift others up.  So we pledge that a portion of each purchase will be donated to a local charity that benefits women and/or children here in Northern California.  

In 2017, in just two months in business, we donated enough to the Yolo County Food Bank to provide local families with over 1,000 pounds of fresh produce! And during the first half of 2018, we donated to RISE Inc., to help serve rural Western Yolo County and provide a range of services from pre-school experiences through senior citizen recreation and resource programs.

Women Empowering Women. We selected the best items from the best producers in the region. And it just happened that most of them came from lovely women-owned businesses. 


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Poppy and Oak, Northern California Gifts that Give Back 

Photos by Tavio Valencia, Lifestyle by Tavio

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